Covered 365: Day 293

Superman #293, DC Comics, October 1975. Artist: Bob Oksner.

No great covers today but I thought there were a lot of good ones.

I gave the nod to Bob Oksner’s famously silly cover to Superman #293 that has Superman being a big meany.

I was gonna give it to Mike Zeck for his strong cover to Amazing Spider-Man #293 but I protested at the sight of Kraven’s Speedo.

Jim Aparo’s Batman #293 has a nice hook to it…

Yes! Legion of Superheroes #293 by Keith Griffen is a good cover, I like it, it stands out.

Lee Weeks gives us food for thought with his attention grabbing cover to Daredevil #293.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. I like covers that break the 4th wall. The Legion’s price and code boxes are knocked for a loop by the carnage of the action on the cover. 4th wall covers should be their own column. I especially like ones where the characters are talking directly to the reader.

  2. Publishers and dealers are trying too hard to convince me that blank covers or comics in opaque poly bags are way sought after and highly collectable so buy yours now at a vastly inflated price! Pfffft! That’s what makes these covers great even if they are only good, I want to look at something for my money.

    Except Kraven’s speedo. At least his leg is up. That’s a body builder pose for sure and where that article of clothing came from. Does he really not wear pants??

    I’m intrigued why Superman is being so mean. Good multiple figure drawing in that.

  3. I had that comic years ago. A clumsy scientist drops a vial of a chemical that can hurt people unless they go to sleep for 24 hours. It gets into the water so Superman prevents everyone from drinking. Some future historians come back to learn the secret but they too fell asleep so it’s still a mystery. Boring story.

  4. I stand by my choice. I like the Legion cover but I think it is pure nostalgia on my part. I really liked reading that story line at the time.Your pick is totally pedestrian, I feel like we have reached capitulation….

    But Mike Zeck switches from Captain America to ASM and saves the day for #294. Daredevil is pretty good (although not as good as #293), and House of Mystery is good if same old same old.

    At least Detective adds a bit of chemistry education to its terrible art for the day.

    Adventure is sort of an intentional JOWA, so instead I will give it to Hellblazer for what not to go as this Halloween.

  5. I’ll concur with Meli on the covers of tomorrow and I’ll add that Ken Steacy does a fine job on a painted Hulk cover, Giffen does a rock solid floating head cover for Legion o’ Superheroes, and there’s just 43 more covers until Walt Simonson steals the day on Thor. I can’t wait. 🙂

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