Covered 365: Day 326

Action Comics #326, DC Comics, July 1965. Artist: Curt Swan.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Gah !!!!!!!

I started working on this yesterday and thought I scheduled it for Friday but it posted on Thursday by mistake – that’s why there is no commentary – it was not done – a thousand pardons!

I’ll put it in the right sequence and pretend it didn’t go up – when it goes up – with comments – please act surprised – apologies again.

Curt Swan’s cover to Action #326 is a dandy, I’ve always had luck with this book, been an easy sell since way back.

Tony Stark with the Rembrandt nose, I like this cover to Iron Man #326 by George Pratt.

I have no clue as to what is going on on the cover to Daredevil #326, it was a good run while it lasted.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. Studying the Daredevil cover. WHAT is going on? Mystery feet? DD’s? Are those stylized streams of shots around him? Or what? Whoosh, sorry, its a hot mess to me.

    Curt Swan was amazing to doing a lot with a very simple line. Nothing flashy or highly detailed, but he got the job done and it looked darned good. So many classic vovers from this era.

    I dismissed this work as a young fan and for many years since, but now I highly respect his run on the Superman titles. And I enjoy reading the things, they have their charm. Mort Weisinger, ignoring the fact that he was a cruel editor, did a superb job keeping the Superman Universe coherent and interesting, for the most part. The Imaginary Stories were/are great, and it was Curt Swan doing many of the, too.

    Hey Walter, with lack of candidates as you continue, how about expanding to include a Jimmy Olsen Award each day or, every so often. We can all use the laugh. I think that’d be fun!

  2. There is something about the Action cover that bugs me! No wait…. its the Ironman cover that bugs me…. wait, now I got it… its the Daredevil cover that… oooh urgh ack… ok… Action wins…. ~sigh~…..

  3. No commentary above because I think this is an imaginary story from the future: “What if… Walt picked a batch of bad covers!” It’s interesting to understand how Raven feels, and I’ll follow this through with looking at #327 covers.

    Now I really know how Raven feels, as I want to somehow avoid the outcome of seeing those #327 covers. Unlike Raven, I think my vision is 100% accurate. Possibly the worst selection so far this year. If I have to pick something I will choose Uncanny X-Men, which I dig but which is hardly great. Avengers isn’t anything special but gets a point or two for the giant hand/claw.

    JOWA to Incredible Hulk for the Hulk’s Doc Samson hair.

  4. Come on people! That DD is a exciting play on the garden of Eden’s tree of knowledge of good and bad, with DD tied up by the roots which are computer pieces. It’s a bold cover, and the best of the bunch.
    At 327 I like the fun cover on Action alot. It’s much better than the usual where the ‘invincible’ Superman is pushed to the edge by a ridiculous ‘villian’.
    Daredevil by McDaniels is looking good, but not much else jumps at me. Thor is actually okay, but a bit busy with all the bordering weapons and such.
    Legion of Superheroes is certainly busy, with a nice touch of our heroes in the visor reflection, but it’s too busy. Captain America by Zeck is nice but the background color choice really made it fail.
    JOWA goes to Flash for the hands. The gold one looks like a ‘bird’ is coming soon.

  5. I won’t argue C.K. But I didn’t get it was an apple…. more plum shape. Also I read this interesting thing where they think it wasn’t an apple that tempted but a pear… but that opens a whOLE different can of worms….hopefully not the apple boring kind.

  6. Monster arachnid and Monster Insect Supes…
    I’m surprised entomologist Walt didn’t catch this…..kinda bugs me
    And I think Bud’s idea would be fun

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