Covered 365: Day 337

Thor #337, Marvel Comics, November 1983. Artist: Walter Simonson.

A great comic book cover matching each day of the year, 1 through 365. Please chime in with your favourite corresponding cover, from any era.

Day 337 gave me at least two quality winner worthy books, feels good.

Walt Simonson gives us a pop culture icon with his cover to Thor #337, this book is instantly recognizable and always in demand and the great cover has a lot to do with it. was not sure but they want to give credit for the cover to Four Color #337 to Don Gunn. Mr. Gunn gives us so much to look at, there is joy in discovering all the little sight gags going on on this cover, great stuff.

Tom Grindberg gave me something different and I appreciate the aesthetics he achieves on the cover of Daredevil #337.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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  1. Hi Walter, Nice to see Thor 337 on your list. Second reason that makes this particular book an interesting pick is that the cover you are using happens to be the Canadian Price Variant !

  2. Nice to see the Brownies appearing here. The comic strip(?) is largely ignored these days but really matched the esthetic of a great number of people for decades. Maybe the inclusion of this cover here will prompt some people to look into them further. Oh, and also a pioneer in licensing and marketing.

  3. Hey Angelo, I picked that Canadian Variant on purpose, I know it is one of the “must have” books for Canadian Price Variants.

    Hey Robin, speaking of Canadians – it was Quebecer Palmer Cox that created the Brownies back in the 1880s, the Dell reincarnation is an update I believe but basically one in the same.

  4. An iconic cover on Thor #337 that deserves it honor – great image to introduce Beta Ray Bill, and conveys the complete disruption he brings to the title with the shattered logo.

    Simonson also offers up a good cover to FF #337, but even his talents and assistance couldn’t save us from the Larsen travesty that is occurring on ASM #337.

    HULK #337 also offered up a strong follow-up to yesterday’s cover.

    As to my JOWA vote, Superman’s toe swung my vote to Action #337.

  5. Excellent choice. I couldn’t think of any cover better suited than Thor for 337. Love how they rebuild the title banner next issue, though one of Simonson’s weakest Thor covers on 338 unfortunately. DD was a solid pick too. Didn’t see the Brownies before, but I can appreciate that too.
    For 338 I see DD by Sienkiewicz as something eyecatching and different. FF by Simonson is nice and it has big hands for Meli’s appreciation.
    Four Color serves up a nice Bugs & Porky cover. Flash is nicely done art with Janson’s inks, but it’s near JOWA with the near-sighted brute that has to get on his hands and knees to see huge indents of Flash’s fleet feet. Color me torn on that one. Detective is nicely done again, but I have issue with Batman’s ‘super punch’ movement, and the fact that he’s stepped into the wall already. Just weird.
    JOWA goes to Batman for his hockey villian with puck bombs. Umm….just stay off the ice and he’s going nowhere.

  6. Yes to Thor!! Love this book and the whole storyline! Go Brownies!! Thats a nice looking DD… however never cared for the blue and red costume during that period!

  7. I bought three copies of Thor 337 from a grocery store spinner rack in Moscow, Idaho on the advice that they’d go up in value. Now they are up to hundreds of dollars and I’ve no idea where my copies went, probably in a moving house purge some decades ago. Financially sad, but a striking cover. (hey, I just realized that I did a pun).

  8. Oh, right, yeah, Thor – I knew I had seen that cover somewhere before. Of course you love those Brownies – probably because of what was in them. Nix on the DD.

    At least GCD still works so I can quickly say something about #338. Again extremely weak so I will pick Hulk as my favorite, far from great.

    Batman for Walt as another Tim Horton special.

    Daredevil – this is a Code book? If this were a Atom Age cover it would be worth thousands.

    We don’t have a Lame Award, but if we did it would go to Detective for “Batman’s Super-Powered Punch!” Carmine couldn’t save this one.

    JOWA to Adventure for “The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies”.

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