Guillem March Catwoman

I saw this in a post but have forgotten where or what issue it’s from: an upcoming Catwoman cover by Guillem March.  It’s such a striking pose and can be telling so much.  Is she doing a quick getaway, half-dressed with loot and a cat in her bag?  Gunshots and breaking glass?  The movement is fluid and the depth change with the whip really keeps your interest.  I do find it odd that parts of Selina’s anatomy defy gravity…

Scott VanderPloeg
Scott VanderPloeg

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Chris Howard
12 years ago

It’s like it’s half good. I really enjoyed the last Catwoman run, and have read some Sirens. I don’t want to read any of the ‘new 52’ and this just confuses it all more. He’s a good artist. I find the character interesting. But one boob is obeying gravity, the other is floating. The cat would be thrown around. She put on or took off one glove and a sleeve?