1. Hey Scott
    If you’ haven’t seen it yet, you should check out Michael Cho’s Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes, his wonderful book of Toronto urban landscapes.

    cheers, mel

  2. i have never seen so many smiley faces! what sets of choppers!! Even the dinosaur is smiling!

    Seriously love the inking style and coloring and shading of Michael Cho. But, comic art is NOT a poster. Comic art is sequencial.

    Three things: A good attist can tell a story. Secondly- A good artist can draw action. Thirdly- A good artist is creative and inventive in drawing previously undrawn angles.

  3. My big complaint about comic book art today is that now it is all about inking “poster art.” Comics should ***be about the story***, and how a story-is-told with drama and excitement. Pretty faces only go so far! Lets get back to appreciation of sequencial story telling.

    But, no doubt Michael Cho is a really special inker! Lets see if he can draw comics stories!!

  4. I fail to see how DC packaging a fresh 2017 cover on old stories in omnibus form adds much artistically. Yes it refreshes the contents, but is very commercially directed to youth sales. I would prefer original period style covers. My point is that novelty covers are a sign of declining interest in actual story readership. My hope is that Mr. Cho does full stories in his unique and entertaining art style.

  5. Scott? Is there anything, anything at all, you can do about this guy, Mister. Editor-in-Chief?

    so long for now, mel

  6. Very reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke in style.There are a few artists working in this style.All very capable but in my personal opinion,nobody shines like the late great Darwyn Cooke.He had the ability to tell a story that incorporated many aspects of Alex Toth in his artwork.A true joy to behold.The New Frontier was a masterpiece as far as I am concerned.Also his work on the Parker stories show what storytelling can be.He is gone way too soon.

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