I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and staying sane. I thought I’d try a visualized tour of our current plight.

With his beyond excellent splash to Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 Frank Brunner sums up the way most of us have been feeling lately. At least the duck is safe. Check out that light and dark work!

Being alone too much can sometimes turn us against ourselves, we have to stay sane and keep the Hulks and Hydes at bay, keep calm and play with computers according to John Byrne’s splash scenario from Hulk #315. I think Byrne draws a great Hulk, I mentioned before that you can make or break Hulk by how you as an artist stylize him, Byrne did it right.

Jack Kirby reminds us that when we do go out its important to practice social distancing no matter how badly we are tempted. This lovely splash page from Young Romance #17.

It’s only fitting that Steve Ditko reminds up never to give up, to keep striving, keep fighting the good fight, we’ll get ourselves out of this. This great Steve Ditko page from Amazing Spider-Man #33.