This week I just aimlessly let my thoughts go just to see where they would take me.

I’ve always loved Howard Chaykin, he gives us some high quality pre-stylized Chaykin in this splash from Detective Comics #441.

Some week’s ago I included that famous Romita panel from Amazing Spider-Man #50, the one where Parker throws the Spidey costume in the trash and walks away, that was July 1967. Mr. Romita must have been a Carmine Infantino fan because you can’t tell me he wasn’t influenced by this great Infantino splash from Flash #161, May 1966.

Dave Cockrum gives us a gorgeous splash page to introduce the New X-Men in this famous splash from Giant Size X-Men #1, I like it better than the cover.

I’m a proud Hamiltonian so I thought I’d show off some local talent. Aram Alexanian drew comics in the early 1940s for Bell Features, he was a celebrated Canadian Whites artist and he was just a kid while doing it. After the War Aram’s dad told him it was time to join the family business and he went on to become very successful. He always kept a deep love for comics and comic art. Here is a splash for an unpublished hero called the Black Commando – morphed into the later published Super Commando. Again I stole this one from a great Ivan Kocmarek articlie you can check out right here.

And bringing up the rear we have this nice piece… Jose Delbo and Vince Colletta get all the credit.