In honour of our Thanksgiving that just past I’d like to dedicate the week to some great WECA (Canadian Whites) splashes. I want to thanks Ivan Kocmarek for his help with these splash pages this week.

A good place to start would be with the man himself, Canada Jack. Canada Jack does not like Black Marketeers hurting the war economy and he’s willing to do something about it. This splash from Canadian Heroes Vol. 2 #1 drawn by George Menendez Rae, thanks GMR.

This is later in the Freelance run when they switched over to colour. Freelance was the longest-running WECA hero and I do believe Chapterhouse is publishing new stories. Thanks to our artist Ed Furness.

My favourite WECA era publisher is Maple Leaf out of Vancouver. Rocket Comics was one of their titles and this Metal Monster splash comes from Rocket Comics Vol. 2 #7. Let’s thank Vernon Miller for the art.

One of the coolest heroes of the WECA era was Speed Savage, here’s a splash from Triumph Comics #29. Let’s all thank Tedd Steele for this fun splash page.

Today’s winner for me is this great RCMP splash from Canadian Heroes Vol. 5, #2. Once again we have to thank George Menendez Rae for a great splash page.