Comic Culture April 11th

Fun show this week as hosts Chris Owen and Walter Durajlija talk about Iron Man 3 movie news, Captain America 2 movies news, Avengers movie news, Batman movie news and Spider-Man movie news, boy that’s a lot of movie news. The guys also discuss the comic book sales results for March 2012, the just announced nominees for the Eisner Awards, they also read out of the Comic Culture Mail Bag feature some new comics hitting the selves this week so please sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s installment of Comic Culture the radio program that dares to ask the hard questions.

Comic Culture is produced by Anthony Falcone and is engineered by Andrew Roebuck.

Enjoy Comic Culture April 11th 2012 Edition:

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

Articles: 1702


  1. I say…

    British book store = Waterstones.

    Chirper is actually Canadian slang and is ‘mildly’ derogatory.
    Chirper:- A person who speaks with a distinct English or Welsh accent…
    Which is why the Scotts were taking the mick.

    You could also call us Limey’s, Pomme’s or (among other things)… Rosbeef.

    ‘British’ includes Scotts, Welsh and Northern Irish… Though none of them would EVER… EVER refer to themselves as ‘British’ because the word comes from the English… (me) whom most countries tend to have a nickname for 😉

    God save the queen.

  2. Im new to the con scene…Does WizardWorld have a good representation of comic book dealers?

  3. Cheers then mate! I find it beyond cool that us Canadians can have our own slang for talking trash to an Englishman.

    That Queen of ours is a great old gal though isn’t she.

    God Save the Queen, we mean it man!

  4. Hey Walt, Toronto has lost at least half dozen stores in the past few years. After the Snail relocates, south of Bloor will be pretty much up for grabs. So I’m thinking… we set up Big B Toronto branch!

    Scotts inventory, Anthonys Marvel bucks… a gallery in the back, coffee and muffins up front, with a deep stock of silver age keys. We’ll also bring in toys from Bandai and play up manga robot models… Does this sound like a good plan?

  5. Cake is massively underrated. The entire British Army is held together with tea and cake… and gaffer tape. They could call us much worse! – It’s the Queen’ s Diamond Jubilee this year (60 year reign), will there be a comic to support it though? Like Will’s and Kate’ s love story? I’d rather have a comic to support the Olympics (also in London)… or ANYTHING else in the world to be honest.

    The queen is cool, but she’d make for a rubbish comic.

  6. Sounds familiar Charlie, but I can’t put my finger on it!

    Perhaps Big B Toronto should happen. I’ll hire Ipsos to to a feasibility survey first. Perhaps geographically equidistant from the Snail and 1,000,000, we’d be a better fit there (I don’t get half the stuff at the Beguiling or the Labyrinth).

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