Comic Culture October 10th, 2018

Every week Comic Culture hosts Chris Owen and Walter Durajlija talk the comic book talk.

So kick back, relax and enjoy this week’s Comic Culture.

Oh, and please, please make sure you go out and support your local comic book shop.

Comic Culture is written by Walter Durajlija and engineered by Chris Owen.

Enjoy Comic Culture’s October 10th, 2018 Edition:

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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Chris Meli
5 years ago

Good show, lots of topics covered.

“Replacement cost” makes me think of “I sell below [at] cost, but I make it up in volume.” If it sells, that is the price – simple, no need to justify. I was there and I didn’t buy anything. I only got excited about the Detective #168 7.0 priced at $36k, but later seeing that one in this grade sold earlier this year for $25k made me glad I didn’t have the $36k “replacement cost” in my pocket.

I don’t know if hockey is all that regional – I understand that the Winnipeg Jets have relocated to a slightly warmer clime.

The Loot Crate thing baffles me – yada yada on my “manufactured scarcity hater” thing. NYCC had huge booths that no comic dealer could afford selling these mystery boxes. I did dig this sort of thing in elementary school at the carnival duck pond, but then I realized that you almost never got your money’s worth. Probably much more cost effective to watch scores of unboxings on YouTube, identify the items you really like, then head to eBay.

After the show I searched up an article or two on Loot Crate and I think I see the gimmick, which is very much YouTube. I don’t think the company could exist without YouTube, because these unboxings are their marketing on two fronts. First, like thinking about winning the lottery, people are going to focus on the best unboxings that they’ve seen. Second, the act of unboxing itself connects you to the community – in some sense like being a spectator at a sporting event. It doesn’t resonate with me but God Bless. I do dig that it gets so much promotional merch out there as this has to be good advertising for the broader Geek industry (comics, gaming, video, etc.).

We also give full size chocolate bars. The reaction of the kids is easily worth the extra cost. Some of them proffer thanks as if you’ve saved the life of their firstborn.