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This week Chris and Walt talk about their comic book collecting pet peeves, they explore the things that sometimes make collecting a chore.

As always we welcome your comments and thoughts on the show.

We’d also like to hear about your pet peeves, what makes collecting comics a chore for you?

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. What??? I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone I was a comic collector when I was young? Thats why I didn’t start dating until I was 21!!
    Good points on the pet peeves! One of my peeves is where exactly do I file particular comic that fits more then one category! Does for example a Tessie the Typist get put with my Golden Age Marvels, my romance section, or a separate humor section? Do those crossovers get filed with the main title I was collecting or in their own separate section? Sometimes I forget where I filed something and I am not on the ball like Chris is with his app! Also… frankly I am so ignorant, I had no idea there were different grades of backing boards! I know simply the white ones and the ones someone has simply used from his last purchase of a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt!

  2. Agree with Walt & Chris, variants, I smell 1990’s bust all over these things – creating excess supply (purchased to get the 1:100 variant) and a false sense of scarcity to the buyer. Certain things trigger my internal alarm – variants is one.

    Speculators: some of the loudest voices in our community at the moment have some of the shallowest pools of knowledge. Why are Hulk 181 and GSX1 booming? Because First Appearance Obsession has taken over and it’s so easy to get the most popular characters and see what books you need…yet there is no knowledge of writers/scripters/pencils/inkers nor runs/arcs. GCG has turned comics into something you don’t read for some investors and their knowledge in rather limited.

    Gerald, i just learnt about the backing boards too!!! However I do have a valid excuse, I’m down in Australia and the range of boards is rather small…so much so that I gave up trying to buy Mylar bags locally and imported mine…oh, the joy of a great comic in Mylar!!!

  3. I see on the CTV National News tonight that an Action Comics #1 sold for $3.25 million USD.

    My pet peeve is that I don’t own one. ):

  4. Gerald, I’m the same way with the oddball stuff that don’t fit neatly into a category! I know a guy who puts his Annuals at the beginning of the run and another guy that slots them amongst the run based on date of publication, crazy people.

    Spider, variants scare me.

    Klaus, remember there is fractional ownership these days…

  5. Walt, thanks for the investment advice. I now own a timeshare of the bottom staple of an Action Comics #1 reprint for only $250.00.

  6. Klaus, you can’t go wrong with the lower staple and the best part about dealing with such knowledgeable & passionate comic investors like that is you can also buy a wheel-nut of a old Porsche and a pinwheel of a Rolex Daytona at the same time…now THAT is a great portfolio to talk about at your 30th birthday-Insta-tik-tok-celebration-post!!!

  7. Klaus, be careful. Walt will sell you anything… the rustier the staple, the better…

  8. I can’t afford a full staple from Action #1- my copy is married, with the top half having some green stuff on it !

  9. Live Frog, do what I did and buy a time share on a reprint (of AC1)’s staple and not from an original, which would have cost over a grand, probably.

  10. Wow!-$1000.00 bucks for a staple! I remember the days when you couldn’t give that stuff away !!!

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