Undervalued Spotlight Review

This week Chris gives Walt the gears by randomly (so Chris says) digging out 10 old Undervalued Spotlights.

Please let us know what you thought of the show and feel free to leave a comment below, as always let’s keep things civil.

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Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Use Overstreet? Yeah, I guess.

    A show you did a couple weeks ago for Bronze Age comics amazed me as the Overstreet prices were all bang on for end of 2020. Overstreet is not so good for those 1950s comics.

    Tessie? All of the Tessie the Typists could double in Overstreet and they would still be low. Issue 20 hard to find.

    Superman 100 was worth $6,500 end of 2020, and much higher now. 2017 it was $3,800. Overstreet has not been keeping up. And you were very right.

    Showcase 6, right now is worth $10,200, least year $9,200 and in 2010 was $3,750. Showcase 6 – all day long undervalued.

    As a side note, last year (2020), of the highest growth Silver Age comics (1956-1969) Showcase comics were flying in 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th and 20th place. Showcase is experiencing amazing growth.

    Rawhide Kid 17, now $9,800, 2020 $7,900 and 2009 $400. The super-hot western and you nailed it prior to blast off. Probably your best Undervalued comic. 25x value.

    Forecasting the future is the hardest thing. I have enjoyed your articles and like your reasoning even more. I nominate Archie Comics 48 as undervalued if you start again.

  2. I got two mentions so I must be moving into the Star Chamber.

    It’s KAL-vuh-dows. You keep wanting to say kal-VAH-dows.

    My father told the story of holing up with his company in a bombed-out French town before the Battle of the Bulge, and discovering a big cask of this in one of the basements. And you thought you felt bad under that table at the con.

    We need a sequel to this show because we didn’t even get to Rocket Racer.

    Alex said a bunch of things in line with my thoughts, but that isn’t going to stop me from saying them again. (However I don’t go for Archie #48 – I think #100/#101 are the way to go.)

    My father had a typist named Tessie in his insurance agency. The resemblance ends there. That one is in the Archie #48 vein, too tame for my tastes.

    All-New Ghost Rider – best comment on that post was Ed Dee’s “Yikes!”. I second.

    Your reasoning for Starslayer #2 – first Rocketeer – was sound, but that awful Grell cover should have triggered your Spider-Sense.

    Alex is on board with my Superman #100. 8.0. VERY hard in decent grade because it was passed from hand to hand. Superman gets badmouthed by the Marvel fan-boys, but even now ask one of the unwashed to name a superhero. Supes isn’t going anywhere except up.

    Tales of Suspense #32. GPA off limits but the data point is 6.0 sells for $255 in January and $810 in August. I think this one is far from a dud.

    I liked the highbrow Dickens thread (Great Expectations, Christmas Carol). This podcast can use all the class it can get.

    SHOWCASE #6! In he walks, then speak of the Devil! That is, my 7.0 arrived just hours ago! I love it except it will forever serve as a reminder that I didn’t have the stones to go for the 8.5, which now ranks as an obscene bargain. This is an ur-book. Let’s hear it for the prototypes! I am way long Xemnu as well!

    You mentioned the Norm Macdonald tribute – huh what? I think you posted the shows out of order.

    Brave and the Bold #98, I’m singing the same song again. The only reason I don’t have one is the super-high-grade owners aren’t parting with this utterly amazing book. I am down to selling my plasma but I would still take a run at this if available.

    More or less you picked diamonds in the rough, while recently people have been chasing rhinestones (Dazzler, etc.). My final comment is the same as Klaus’s (except for Archie #48) – bring back the picks, even if you make them at midnight on Sunday. Your Spider-Sense doesn’t fail often.

  3. Personally I would love to have an Archie 48! Oh… and Chris… you REALLY stumped the chump this time!!

  4. Oh Walt… yes I see the desire in a Tessie 20…. I have an early issue …. But for me from that era… its Nellie the Nurse 10 all the way! I do have a lower grade copy and am happy with it!

  5. My Spidey sense is telling me Meli is buttering me up to try to get me to stay up late Sunday nights.

    Thanks to Meli and Alex for breaking some of these down. Love that Nellie #10 Gerald but I think I like #21 better!

  6. Undervalued Spotlight was brilliant: it highlighted the entire spectrum of what collectors find attractive whilst also showing how flawed the collective hive mind is! So many issues aren’t considered important…until they are.

    The column definitely stimulated my collecting and purchasing; there are many issues that I sampled solely on reading about them through the column.

    And as a Marvel fanboy…boy did Walt hit it our of the park with those choices!!!

    I’m definitely one of the 3 clamoring for more!

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