The Music Of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection

At no point did I ever imagine writing a CD review for Comic Book Daily, yet here it is.  I received The Music Of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection in the mail via Sony Music.  It’s a collection of 31 theme songs and opening audio from DC’s cartoon, television show and movie library.  Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

[quote]It starts in 1941, with the theme to the classic Fleischer Superman cartoons and moves through the years, including shows and movies like BATMAN, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, LOIS & CLARK, BATMAN BEYOND, SMALLVILLE, THE BATMAN and a ton more, all on one compact disc – with 21 of the 31 tracks available for the first time ever. This collection is a must-buy for any fan of DC Comics and it’s various television, film and cartoon interpretations.


  1. Superman March (1941) – Sammy Timberg
  2. Theme From Superman (Album Version) (1978) – John Williams
  3. The New Adventures of Superman (1966) – John Gart
  4. Lois and Clark / The New Adventures of Superman (1993) – Jay Gruska
  5. The Adventures of Superboy (1966) – John Gart
  6. Superboy (1988) – Kevin Kiner
  7. Smallville Season 8 (End Title) (2008) – Louis Febre
  8. Batman: The Electrical Brain (1943) – Lee Zahler
  9. The Batman Theme (Album Version) (1989) – Danny Elfman
  10. The Adventures of Batman (1967) – John Gart
  11. Batman TV Series Theme (1966) – Neal Hefti
  12. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Theme (2008) – Andy Sturmer
  13. Batman Beyond (Main Title) (1999) – Kristopher Carter
  14. Molossus from Batman Begins (2005) – Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
  15. Justice League of America (1967) – John Gart
  16. Super Friends (1973) – Hoyt Curtin
  17. The All New Super Friends Hour (1977) – Hoyt Curtin
  18. Justice League Unlimited Theme (2004) – Michael McCuistion
  19. Legends of the Superheroes (1979) – Fred Werner
  20. The Teen Titans (1967) – John Gart
  21. Aquaman (1967) – John Gart
  22. Swamp Thing (1991) – Christopher Stone
  23. Shazam (1974) – Jeff Michael & Yvette H. Blais
  24. The Flash (1967) – John Gart
  25. Green Lantern (1967) – John Gart
  26. Green Lantern First Flight (2009) – Robert J Kral
  27. The Atom (1967) – John Gart
  28. Hawkman (1967) – John Gart
  29. Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show (1979) – Dean Elliott
  30. Wonder Woman The Animated Movie End Title (2009) – Christopher Drake
  31. Wonder Woman (1975) – Charles Fox & Norman Gimbel[/quote]


As you can see it’s a massive collection filled with DC television memories.  I was surprised by the items I’ve never heard: didn’t realize the depth of animated features DC produced in the 1960s and 70s.  Quality varies by track, the older items having some hiss that doesn’t detract from the listening.  Without it we wouldn’t be as immersed in the recordings.  This CD is a full trip of nostalgia.

The Music Of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection
WaterTower Music and Sony Classical, 2010

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