Time Capsule: DC Releases June ’85

While cleaning out my comic library I came across a substantial amount of old comics solicitations from DC, Marvel, Comico, First, Dark Horse, Valiant, and more. In the old days before the internet the only way to know what new comics were coming down the pipeline was to be a direct market dealer or have access to free (to the consumer) solicitation info.

Formats varied from simple folded broadsheet to glossy magazine and everything in between. Starting today I’ll be scanning and providing these from my collection with the Time Capsule header. These are all twenty to thirty years old and have been stuck in a box for that time, and while they hold no resale value they do provide a snapshot into a comics publisher for a given month.

First up: DC Releases June ’85. The big cover news was Ambush Bug; news of Jack Kirby’s The Hunger Dogs was relegated to a small box on page two. An interview with Joe Orlando and a trivia contest round it out.

DC Releases June '85 Page 1

DC Releases June '85 Page 2

DC Releases June '85 Page 3

DC Releases June '85 Page 4


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