Action #1 tops $2 Million


A CGC graded 9.0 copy of Action Comics #1 has sold on ComicConnect’s Event Auction for $2.161,000.00. This CGC 9.0 copy has a Cream to Off-White page designation and is the highest CGC graded copy that exists. If you’ll recall a CGC 8.5 graded copy sold for $1.5 million over a year ago and a CGC 8.0 graded copy sold for a cool $1 million just before that.

This auction has been picked up by every news service in the world and this can only boost the already strong growth of American 20th century pop culture collectibles. The American 20th century’s legacy to the world’s popular culture is just starting to be excavated. Many treasures will be found!

The elephant in the room was of course the ungraded Mile High copy that is still held by a private collector and is still ungraded. What would the Mile High grade? I’ve heard that people who have seen it say it would get a 9.4 but that and a buck fifty will get you a medium coffee.

If the Mile High Action #1 is a 9.2 or 9.4 (really shouldn’t affect the price that much) then I can see it at over $5 million but it would get interesting if it only graded a 9.0 or heaven forbid an 8.5. In this way today’s buyer is safe, the price may have been suppressed by the ungraded Mile High copy and if by chance said Mile High copy does not grade as well as expected one day…

Hold on, what if the Kent’s neighbors out in Kansas find an even nicer copy pressed and protected for 73 years by a 150 pound cool and dry pile of National Geographics?

Anyway, this copy of Action Comics #1 has quite its own pedigree. This is said to be the copy owned by Nicholas Cage, the same copy that was stolen years ago and found in some storage locker out in California earlier last year. I wonder if you can fit all that on the CGC label?

Advantage buyer.


Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

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