I just received an email from ComicLink highlighting their inclusion of a CGC 9.9 copy of Iron Man #1 for their November auction. Wow, now that is an impressive book.

I jumped on their site to read up on the book and found some very interesting data.

According to the write up over 300,000 1960’s comics have been graded by CGC. They go on to say that only 27 of these have been graded CGC 9.9 (that’s less than one hundredth of one percent). The write up also says that CGC 9.9 copies exist of Captain America #100, Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 and Nick Fury #1. Of these I’d pick Iron Man #1 first. Interestingly though there are actually 2 copies of Iron Man #1 at CGC 9.9 so I’ll change my mind and go for that solo Cap #100.

This is the first time any of these Marvel relaunch 9.9 copies has gone to auction so things should get interesting.

The 300,000 graded 1960’s comics was interesting and like any intrepid reporter I did some digging. I found some comic circulation figures from the 1960s and it seems that 300,000 would be about the average circulation for the top 50 comics published each month. So 50 titles times 12 months times 300,000 copies gets us somewhere around 180 million comics. Add to that the lesser titles and we may have close to a quarter of a billion comic books to deal with.

I should buy some CGC shares!!