We are venturing back to the X-Men title to shine the Overvalued spotlight on a seriously overvalued Top Ten issue and to attend to a little unfinished business on X-Men reprints.

The books in the original X-Men title (#1-66) have always been and still are valued higher than its twin sister book The Avengers (both started in September 1963). There are a few exceptions like Avengers #4 and # 57 that standout but for the most part the X-Men have been valued higher. I had always attributed this to the fact the X-Men were an original group of new characters and first appearances versus the “assembled” group of established super-heroes in the Avengers. Fifty years on I do have a bit of a problem with some of the Overstreet pricing in comparing each of the two titles Top Ten books, but today we are settling on one book – X-Men #8.

x-men-8X-Men #8 November 1964 features the first appearance of Unus the Untouchable. His power is a force field which protects him from any harm. He joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and is a regular there. He bounces in to the Marvel Universe here and there but in the end, he is a small-time bit player of an evil mutant. The 46th Overstreet price guide values for X-Men #8 are 8.0 $318 / 9.0 $722 / 9.2 $1125.

My problems with the Overstreet price for this book are many but we will limit it to two points.

X-Men #9 (Original Avengers crossover) & X-Men #11 (first Stranger appearance) have the same price values as our issue #8. Our issue #8 does not belong anywhere near those two books in terms of price.

Avengers #8 introduces Kang the Conqueror a first-rate villain of some stature in the Marvel universe. It comes out in November 1964 as well. The Overstreet price guide values for this book are 8.0 $281 / 9.0 $628 / 9.2 $975. No way X-Men 8 is valued higher than Avengers #8!

A 20-25% hair cut is in order for the value of our X-Men #8 in my humble opinion.

In my first Overvalued Overstreet post, over in Arcs & Runs, the subject of my Overstreet ire was the X-Men reprint issues #67-93. I did however forget that there were two other overvalued reprint books and I wanted to bring them to your attention. In fact, I believe one of them is the worst of the bunch.

x-men-king-size-special-1X-Men King-Size Special #1 December 1970 is my candidate for the most overvalued of the X-Men reprint books. I think I have owned it three times ^-^. This book was printed in the same month as X-Men #67 and began the reprinting cycle for the title. It features reprints (ironically) of X-Men #9 (featured on the cover) and X-Men #11. The 46th Overstreet Price guide values are 8.0 $66 / 9.0 $138 / 9.2 $210. These are the highest prices on any of the reprints. To give it a bit of prospective Amazing Spider-Man King Size Special #7 came out the same month and featured reprints from Amazing Spider-Man #1, #2, and #38 and had original art on the cover. 46th Overstreet Price guide values are 8.0 $35 / 9.0 $63 / 9.2 $90. Nuff Said!

x-men-king-size-special-2X-Men King-Size Special #2 November 1971 features reprints of X-Men issues #22 and #23 and features new cover art. The 46th Overstreet Price guide values are 8.0 $51 / 9.0 $96 / 9.2 $140 which are the same as X-Men issues #71-93. The prices for all of these X-Men reprint issues have stayed the same for a few years now, they are pretty much dead money (not counting super-high grade) and as close to a price decrease as you will get in Overstreet.

I promise not to write about these X-Men reprints again! See you next month.