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Last week a picture of Anne Hathaway’s costume was posted on our Facebook page.  The question was asked “What do you think?”

When I saw the picture, I wasn’t blown away by it (even though Anne Hathaway is beautiful).  It isn’t the best Catwoman costume that has been shown on screen.  It was pointed out in our Facebook comments that this picture isn’t an official shot, and things will look different in post production.

My favourite Catwoman on screen was Michelle Pfieffer.  Michelle Pfieffer’s portrayal was the best ever.  Costume-wise, I think she was the best looking Catwoman.

Who is your favourite Catwoman?

Ed Campbell
Ed Campbell

Ed Campbell is a collector of comics and action figures, primarily G.I. Joe. He is also a Cosplayer with Thor and Captain America as just a few of the characters in his arsenal. When not fulfilling his Comic Book Daily duties, he's "working for a living", volunteering his time for his local Fall Fair, and spending as much time with his family as possible. Use the links below to get in contact with him.

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12 years ago

So far my favorite Catwoman is the Arkham City one. I’m only about 2% into the game, but everything about her is amazing.

Hopefully you’re right about Anne’s suit and post production. Plus with instant fan response, they have tons of time to change it if need be.

Offbeat Archives - Jeff
Offbeat Archives - Jeff
11 years ago

Yikes, Ed! This is like bringing a kid to an ice cream shop and asking if they want strawberry, chocolate, bubble gum, vanilla, cookies & cream, or rocky road. “YES!!!”