Why are we thinking about this? #2

Time for another installment of Why are we thinking of this? Where we look at some of the bizarre things we can think about for comic book characters.

Does Superman pass gas in a super-way?

Taco aftermath for Superman

Everything about Superman is super in someway, he’s got super-strong, heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, super-ventriloquism and who knows what else. It’s also been stated that he is so powerful that it takes active concentration on his part to not crush things while in his Clark Kent identity like human hands or glass bottles. Now, things like sneezes and farts though are involuntary body functions. You can hold them in all you want, but when they are released, the muscle action is completely involuntary and you have no control over their severity. So when Superman passes gas, it’s effects probably blow up buildings behind him. You know, just in case Superman writers have nothing better to write about, they can toss in this little tidbit into a page or two and I won’t even mind.

How goes Iron Man survive any hit that puts dent in his amor?

Ok, everytime we see Tony Stark put on his suit of Iron Man armor we know that he wears a protective layer of cloth or something on his body beforehand. This also means that we know that the suit is a fairly snug fit on him afterwards. Do you see where we’re going with this? If take a sheet of metal and hit it really hard, the impact will dent the metal and on the other side a section of it will be pushed in. Now think about all the battles Iron Man has been in and the things he’s been hit with that have dented his suit. Shouldn’t those hits have dented inwards and immediately crushed the flesh underneath? Like if someone dented the top of his helmet, the indented metal should immediately push down on his soft skull and kill him!

Giant-Man/any other superhero that increases size:

Ok, this is gonna fall under the pretty disgusting but interesting side of discussion. But when Giant Man grows to giant size, how does his biology adapt? Does he spontaneously generate massive quantities of blood to carry oxygen to his body? Or does each individual red blood cell grow in increased size for oxygen flow? But let’s switch gears and jump over to a different bodily fluid that he can produce. You know what I’m talking about. What about Giant Man’s little swimmers? Does he simply have much more of it stored in his body that he could repopulate the planet on his own? Imagine how much worse it would be if they grew in size as well. They would be the size of a regular human being! Imagine a giant swimmer roaming the streets let alone the spectacle of what led to it being unleashed! …I have far too much time on my hands that I can think of this stuff.

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