In the mid 1950s the U.S. Senate forced comic book publishers to adhere to the guidelines of a Comic Code Authority. The ‘Code’ was brought in to protect America’s youth from what was then deemed disturbingly graphic and blatantly sexual content in comic books.

Post ‘Code’ comic books were produced with quite severe content restrictions. No longer did artists and writers have license to create anything they wished. Artists being artists and writers being writers these talented people soon began looking for creative ways to express themselves beyond the constraints of the ‘Code’. Suggestive art and wordplay was now being covertly added into comics.

Our Sleepy Censors articles will expose many comics that deserve a closer look. Some will be so obvious you’ll think “how’d they let that through” while others will be tamer. We hope all the posts will be entertaining and we encourage your feedback and suggestions of comics you think caught the censors sleeping. 

Fantastic Four #161, Page 16, Marvel Comics, August 1975


Wow, look at the egg-beater on that guy!

Though officially listed as Rich Buckler art, most of this comic was actually drawn by Canadian Vince Marchesano.

Let’s have a look at page 16.


No, that does not look anything like an egg-beater. That, my friends, looks a lot like a shiny dildo our Androne is holding. Indeed, Mr. Marchesano himself admits to making the weapon look as phallic as possible while still being publishable. Vince even told “I’m surprised they let that one through”.

What I want to know is how exactly is this weapon used?

Nice work Vince.