Today(ish) In Twitter – Friday, Feb. 19th

Today(ish) in Twitter is a regular column wherein our staff troll through the best of the 140 letter updates of the comic book world. ComicBookDaily is not responsible for the content of these tweets, but we will admit to laughing our collective bums off at some of them.
Matt Sturges Good morning, I’ll be your comic book writer today. How may I help you?
Pete Woods Y’know who can draw a 2 page spread? Ivan Reis , that’s who. Ivan Reis draws the shit out of 2 page spreads.
Jeff Lemire New Blog post-Sweet Tooth by Emi Lennox!
Tommy Lee Edwards Drawing the 11th DOCTOR for the first time today. Got a long ways to go on this cover:
Gene Ha On DC promoting DiDio, Lee, etc: Treating DC Comics as a creative medium instead of just a license bank. Make no small plans, Dan and Jim!
Tim Seeley Ah, the pull quote I always wanted. “Colt Noble is basically the Venture Bros. of 80s cartoons.”
Jamal Igle I’ve been asking this question for years and I’ve never had a sufficient answer.. what is “Flashy” Comic art because apparently, It’s not me
Warren Ellis Well, goddamn. Lionel Jeffries is dead.
Matt Fraction CASANOVA III? Bowie and Borges, Bowie and Borges, Bowie and Borges.
Michael Cho My capsule analysis of action movie scripts: act 1 – introduce characters, act 2 – things go great until it goes bad, act 3 – go buckwild. Therefore, the most important part of any action movie scriptwriter’s job seems to be: “how oh how can I make the hero go buckwild?” Most often the answer to this is: “you killed my lover/daughter/platonic cop partner/sacred tree…now I must go buckwild!!”
DanSlott Wow! Inked pages of MIGHTY AVENGERS just showed up in my e-mail! These guys NEVER sleep! (Then again, I’m up working on a Spidey plot…)
Geoff Johns Advice #345! Never grow a goatee because you’re lazy. It will ALWAYS come back to haunt you. Unless you’re Dan Didio. (mustache!)
Brian Michael Bendis RT @mypdfscripts: “Y: The Last Man” just posted in Unproduced! Check it out:
Tom Peyer Teabag candidate who called @ebertchicago a “morron” blocked me on Twitter. Just because I named a turd after him.
Ryan Kelly F**K! Just now talking to Ross Campbell… both of our marquee original characters have the EXACT same super power and ability. ARGHHH
Andy Diggle @marcbernardin I vote [Michael] Fassbender for Cassidy in PREACHER.
Franco Francavilla also, if U haven’t already, check out the stunning Black Beetles that are popping up at this week. STUNNING!
Michael_Cho There’s a Buckminster Fuller quote that I always remember: “The energy you radiate eventually comes back to sustain you.” I see that quote applied all the time in my freelance life. If I do the thing I love, I get more calls for assignments that I love. The way I see it, you want to be unique to stand out from the pack, and the only unique thing we have is our own inner vision. It’s just a smarter career move. If you’re trying to follow the latest style or trend ,you’ll always be playing catch-up, and a 3rd rater… But if you follow your passions in art, you’ll be doing what you’re good at, leading to better work and you’ll get more of that kind of job. Plus, you’ll be way happier at work, since you’ll only be focused on doing what you love. It may be hard at first, but it’s worth it, IMHO.
Dennis Calero Oh it’s the Year of the Tiger… I keep writing year of the Monkey on my checks.
Jock i’d contest that, frankly — RT @StephenWacker: It pains me to compliment him, but @AndyDiggle knows his way around a script.
Jonathan Hickman I honestly think the way my kids and I keep passing newly-mutated colds between us, we’re on the verge of a new form of biological weapons.
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