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Big B Comics is in lockdown as are all other non-essential shops in Ontario, Canada. We are relying on mail-order business and curb-side pick-ups. As a team we had a meeting and decided that we will not let anybody go, we will try to focus our talent pool towards expanding our raw online back issue sales through the bigbcomics.com website.

Since the new year, I’ve been updating you on how our warehouse project is going. Basically, I bought a warehouse full of comics, so many comics that I myself had to go find a warehouse to put them all in. I’d give us a C+ overall in the way we have been using the warehouse, the fridge stocking has to get a solid A though.

A promising avenue for the warehouse has been the great Copper Age books that are there in multiples. High-demand titles like Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Spawn etc. are all there in volume.

We launched, successfully I’d like to believe, a Vintage Comics portal on our bigbcomics.com website and we even dedicated one of our back issue showcases to highlight the books from the warehouse collection.

I’m not sure when the wheels came off but they did, have a look at that back showcase! As my mom used to say when there was an empty fridge, “you can put your feet in it”. For that matter have a look at the bigbcomics.com vintage comics section. Both are poorly stocked. It’s not the book’s fault, they have been well received, it is us and our ability to bring this stuff to market in volume and with consistency.

So it was an easy decision to keep everybody working, we’re going to be putting some much-needed effort into getting this whole warehouse project back on track. There really is no excuse for having maybe 70 comics available on the website, heck 770 is too low with the stuff we have. You should start seeing improvements in about a week’s time.

Our eBay auctions are getting epic! More great results last night especially on the raw comics side, early Spidey’s and FF’s were on fire!! For me, the buy of the night was a CGC 8.0 copy of Brave and the Bold #42. This book predates Amazing Fantasy #15, is in high grade, easily within the 100 best copies out there and is sold for a measly $93.66. I’ll say it again, Silver Age DCs are the buy right now. Advantage Buyer

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Walt, are you saying that you bought or sold the BB42? I was wondering why the seller didn’t use a reserve bid to prevent losing the book at such a low price.

    I have been wondering about selling the odd book on eBay but it seems daunting. Maybe you can do a tutorial for someone just starting out, looking to sell something. I’m not talking about bulk but just the odd issue.

    With the whole staff pitching in, your back issue stock should be looking good soon.

  2. this is great news Walt as the Vintage section of BigB has been a treasure trove of awesome copies at really good prices and Dylan has been a delight to deal with…you certainly don’t need to let anyone go Walt…you need to tap into these super-hero themes and develop a cloning device and multiple Dylan, you can never have too much Dylan!!

    Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Sane

  3. We sold the #42 Klaus, I’m sure the seller would have tried to win it back if he deemed the price too low. Sometimes books sell for less than they should. To sell on eBay it is best to find a trusted seller with a presence on eBay, hive them your books and work out a commission rate with them. Its the easiest way for you, they do all the work and earn some of the sales amount for their efforts.

    Spider, we ain’t illin’ as long as we have Dylan!

  4. Walt, “hive them your books”?

    You’re really taking this “Big B”ee Comics thing to heart.

  5. Klaus: ‘and remember kids, if you choose to hive out your books, choose Big Bee, we’re as sweet as honey and we won’t sting you on charges like those WASPs across the border’

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