Finally! I’ve lined up all the numbered boxes from that warehouse collection I bought before Christmas, there are about 1,100 comic long boxes now in some semblance of order. I didn’t show you the pic of the 500 or so boxes that have no numbers on them, that’s my next project.

OK, so most of this stuff is from between 1979 to 1995, though there is quite a bit from before 1979 and after 1995 I’d say the “meat” of the collection is from between those two years. I’ve obviously peeked through some of the go-to spots and can assure you there are no big piles of Spidey #194, 238, 252, 300 etc, nor are there piles of Thor #337, DC Comics Presents #26 etc. Most books that were worth good money three or four years ago are not there, though luckily for me there are quite a few surprises still remaining. For example, I did find a nice stack of Amazing Spider-Man #210, first Madam Web. The other thing on my side is that a lot of new hot books have surfaced these last couple of years and continue to do so. Yay.

What sticks out so far is the quality of the stuff, very nice high-grade uncirculated copies that are a pleasure to take out of their bags and leaf through.

I’m trying to figure out how to best tackle these boxes and I think I’m going to go with working the computer rather than the aisles. Starting this week I’m going to verify some staple titles from the era – like say Spectacular Spider-Man, Master of Kung-Fu and Batman – and then sit down with my laptop and systematically go through issue by issue and note which issues have favour in today’s marketplace. I’ll then take this list and go find the boxes they should be in. Seems like a good plan to me, I’ll let you know how I’m making out.

We’ve started to post some of the books that we have found onto our store site In the Vintage Comics section, we threw up 47 individual issues ranging from Star Wars #68 to Daredevil #185. I was surprised to see how fast they went, as of today I think 35 of the 47 have sold, we’ve just put more up than we had in reserve and I’ve been busy all weekend getting a fresh new batch ready to be put up this week. It is labour-intensive as I do grade every book with an adjacent grade range, i.e. 8.0 to 8.5 or 9.2 to 9.4. I’m consciously trying to under grade to make sure I do right by those tight grading old timers that may want to fill in their runs with this stuff.

The cheese, salami and crackers my pal Mike stocked the fridge up with have sure come in handy this past week. Lining up those rows is a really good workout and helped work up a good appetite. I should probably consider stocking that fridge with some carrots and celery but at the moment there is no room thanks to the beer, meats and cheeses! Perhaps in the spring.

Auction Highlights

This week we posted a CBCS 8.5 Avengers #2 to our weekly eBay Auction. The book belonged to an ICE consignor that felt the time was right to try his book on a no reserve auction. I was a bit nervous because of the CBCS designation, the market had not been treating CBCS with the same confidence they treat CGC over the past couple of years and the difference really manifests itself in the high grades of higher valued books. Still, this CBCS 8.5 boasted White Pages and it had a clean look with a good register to it.

The final sale price was $1,691.65 USD, a great result as far as I see it. The CGC 8.0’s for Avengers #2s don’t even get $1,000 and I was worried the market would force a CGC 8.0 price on this CBCS 8.5. The last CGC 8.5 sale was $1,900 but that was back in the summer, I’m not sure what one would bring today, $2,000 is not an unreasonable assumption.

I thought CBCS did a great job delivering value to this book, again, it has a clean look to it and the White Pages also help. I’m going to call this Advantage Buyer because the buyer bought a superior copy for a bit of a discount. Advantage also goes to CBCS here, it was a good result.