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Saw a few Marvel Movie trailers earlier today and here are my quick reviews. Loki – looks good but needs more star power. Falcon and Winter Soldier – looks like its unsure of what it wants to do, I hope the movie is focused. Black Widow – in honor of Norm McDonald’s old Showgirls review on SNL, I’m giving this trailer a 10!

Speaking of trailers, I could not get my usual vacation week at Blue Mountain because all the staycationers books last fall. A buddy of mine has a 40 foot trailer in a trailer park near the shores of Lake Ontario so I booked a week! It will be 1st time for me staying in a trailer park and I’m looking forward to it. What does one wear in a trailer park? Do I leave the case of Stella at home and bring up the case of Moosehead? I don’t want to get into any fights.

At 9:00 PM EDT this Friday June 18th we’ll be posting our Canadiana eBay auction. It won’t all be just Canadian Whites, there will be some very cool, very scarce comics published in Canada. Have a look at some new add ons in the attached pic! We’re aiming for 100 items plus on the auction but time is running out, we’ll get close anyway.

This week’s eBay auction at our internationalcollectiblesexchange link produced some really strong results and there were a few books that I thought went for bargains. Case in point this gorgeous CGC 9.8 copy of Batman #345 featuring the 1st appearance of the new Doctor Death and featuring a great skull cover. Final price was $89.88. This book comes from our warehouse collection and when you factor in the shipping, the grading, the storage, the warehouse overhead, the pressing, the eBay fees, the PayPal fees etc you see that $89.88 puts us just a bit in the black. A great snag for the winning bidder, advantage buyer.

Walter Durajlija
Walter Durajlija

Walter Durajlija is an Overstreet Advisor and Shuster Award winner. He owns Big B Comics in Hamilton Ontario.

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  1. Why does an uncirculated comic book [ Batman #345 ] that has been sitting in a warehouse, undisturbed, for four decades, need to be pressed ? Please explain.

  2. Live Frog, sometimes a small subtle storage caused crease that does not break color can be ironed out, sometimes there is a slight wave to the book from the way it was “flopped” over in a box, sometimes its a small specs of dirt that can be removed. Not much work needs to be done to these but sometimes a subtle hug and kiss can kick it up to the next grade if it was sitting on the fence otherwise.

  3. “Really phoned this one in?!” There is an editor for Comic Book Daily, isn’t there? Oh, wait a minute! That would be the guy who runs teasers of reviews that you have to go to his own website for details on. Now, there is a guy who really just phones it in! Maybe if you were a bit more committed you this site you could make nasty comments about the other writers, but I think you owe them a bit more respect than that remark!

  4. “committed TO this site”

    You see?

    Sometimes an real editor can come in handy for something besides snide remarks!

  5. Never knew you were a fellow Buddhist Chucky, but we’ve known for years that you have had a “homo-erotic man crush” for little Scotty. And, yes, I have always thought of you as an illusion. Gives me great comfort. But, let us keep it civil and clean, after all. Maybe it’s time to redefine what the parameters of these discussions are. I thought nasty carping was off limits, but our esteemed editor seems to have forgotten that particular protocol. I have enjoyed Walt’s input on whatever topic for such a long time that I have always thought of him as the heart and soul of the site and, as far as I’m concerned, he can phone it in any time he wants. I, for one, will be listening.

  6. mel, we ask commenters to keep it clean and keep it civil. You are being belligerent, and not for the first time. I’ll be closing the comments on this post and will ban you from commenting if needed.

    But thank you for letting me realize what I don’t need. I am the copy editor and technical editor and had not removed editor-in-chief from my profile; now corrected. Walt is the publisher and goes unedited, as his prerogative. As well I removed my newspaper strip redirects as they’re not for this site’s audience; I had stopped writing here as the focus is collecting/investing but wanted to boost the number of weekly posts.

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