This post is coming at you from Ottawa, after a few days hard slogging in the National Archives, so bear with some tired eyes and a short text.

This time there were 66 books on offer and most were of lower or very low grade. Would the auction for these books support the strong results of the last ComicLink Whites auction in February, or would the results fall flat because of the lower grades and not many really key books?


Well, it looks to me like were still not in Kansas anymore when it comes to WECA comics or as they are commonly and affectionately known, Canadian Whites. These books are making their own statement and are definitely coming into their own. More and more collectors seem to be getting clued into this as more becomes known about them and their scarcity becomes better appreciated.

Here are the results and I leave the comments to you. There are some eye-opening results for some books and the total for all sales was $35320.

ComicCGC gradeAmount
Triumph 121.52600
Triumph 91.82200
Triumph 134.0 Q1,600
Wow 153.0 Q1,600
Better V3 N43.01322
Bing Bang V6 N46.51270
Dime 83.51211
Better V5 N92.51100
Better V6 N15.0900
Dime 31.5850
Grand Slam 566.5850
Triumph 70.5850
Wow 230.5800
Bing Bang V3 N66.0775
Lucky “7” 16.5749
Dime 93.0675
Canadian Heroes V2 N54.5653
UN War Heroes nn3.0 R645
Bing Bang V5 N23.5605
Three Aces 61.8555
Spy Smasher 21.5550
Wow 20.5 R550
Wow 60.5550
Three Aces 52.0508
Canadian Heroes V3 N25.5 Q500
Freelance 41.8500
Lucky V3 N102.5500
Wow 110.5469
Canadian Heroes V5 N44.5450
Freelance 112.5450
Weekender V1 N12.5440
Dime 111.5425
Grand Slam 3 Aces 498.0425
Rocket 51.0400
Rocket 41.0375
Funny Comics 102.0358
Commando 145.5 Q331
Wow 222.0325
Triumph 100.5301
Grand Slam 554.5300
Wow 147.0 Q300
New Dime nn1.8280
Weekender V1 N24.0Q276
Active 60.5255
Three Aces V2 N123.0255
Grand Slam V4 N22.5239
Young’s Whittle Craft4.5235
Lucky V5 N60.5227
Great Stories nn3.0225
Commando 90.5210
Three Aces v3 N21.5185
Three Aces V2 N31.8180
Freelance V3 N275.5175
Robin Hood V2 N61.5175
Spy Smasher V2 N72.0175
Canadian Heroes V2 N40.5166
Grand Slam 3 Aces 473.5165
Captain Marvel 122.0160
Spy Smasher V3 N32.5160
Freelance V3 N295.0155
Lucky  Coyne 11.8135
Spy Smasher V2 N90.5120
Grand Slam 3 Aces 473.0115
Commando 50.595
Grand Slam 3 Aces 482.570
Whiz 60.570


Here are some questions that might be asked.

  1. Why are beat up and incomplete books still getting solid prices?
  2. Why are the relatively common, full colour  late Anglo-American books getting these prices?
  3. Why did the beat up, reprint of American content, New Dime nn., get what it got?

Most puzzling result: Grand Slam 56 at $850.