Amber Blake by Butch Guice

I just finished the second issue of Amber Blake published by IDW. I became aware of this book quite by accident when I was perusing Dave Karlen Original Art. He is the agent for Butch Guice and being a big fan of his I had purchased a couple of covers from the Winter World series by Butch and Chuck Dixon from him in the past.

I came upon the image which is the cover for the upcoming issue #3 and was drawn into this character immediately! The cover now hangs above my drawing board.

Amber Blake is left at an orphanage as a young child, where she is then recruited to a school for gifted youngsters. No not that school for gifted youngsters. The headmaster and his administrators were abusing the children they were supposed to protect and the story has Amber escaping and vowing revenge on the perpetrators of unimaginable evil by becoming involved and being trained to excel at skills that would facilitate her being able to get that revenge.

The book was first printed by Glenat in Europe in 2017 and the story is written by a Belgian born writer named Jade Lagardere, and this is the English translation of her original script. It does have a decidedly European feel to it and the artwork is clean and decidedly, Butch Guice, interesting as well.

The book itself is oversized and fits into a magazine-sized mylar bag with board. Quite snuggly I might add.

I personally like the title and am looking forward to completing the arc. If superheroes are your favourite flavour, this may not be your cup of tea, but I pretty well will enjoy anything Butch Guice works on.

He can also be currently seen illustrating the Invaders and doing some covers on Turok Son of Stone as well as other titles. He is a personal favourite of mine.

Continued Happy Collecting!

Dennis De Pues
Dennis De Pues

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