Springtime in Chernobyl

I ordered this Hardcover Graphic Novel sight-unseen based upon the title alone, and a small pic with the cover image. What a great title! It invoked a rebirth of sorts in the title, and I didn’t know what to expect.

There is no preface to the book but it appears to be a memoir of Emmanuel Lepage who is the writer and illustrator of the book.

The book has a lot of historical and technical information about the Chernobyl disaster, and I found it quite fascinating and well done. I did not take it as gospel but as part of the story and outlook of the characters.

The artwork was very well done, using a muted wash technique which definitely added to the ambiance and overall mood of the story.

The fear was at times palpable and at other times the apparent lack thereof, made you ask yourself, what were they thinking?

Twenty-two years after the disaster a group of artists with a decidedly anti-nuclear power stance decided to go to Chernobyl to highlight the results of the disaster and through their art, show the world the risks of Nuclear power.

I didn’t find it preachy and actually found myself feeling hopeful and positive about mankind being able to still find joy and peace in the shadow of disaster, and the spirit was uplifted by the joy of life and the realization (at least to me) that the earth and the earth’s stewards, us, could not only survive but apparently thrive in spite of the hardships of life.

The colour palette changed as the story went on, and the artists discovered they did not find any “five-legged animals” and a decidedly more positive and uplifting tone carried through to the stories finale, and this was highlighted by the change into a bright and cheery palette.

That is what I got out of the story, and recommend it as a good change of pace and enjoyable use of the sequential art form to tell an interesting and heartfelt story.

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Dennis De Pues
Dennis De Pues

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