Into the Sunset

After writing this column for the past twenty months, I have decided to end this column. I want to thank you, my wonderful readers, for spending time at this column. It has been a tremendous pleasure and honour to share my thoughts and ideas in this column.


It was definitely a learning experience to put my thoughts out there and to receive feedback, opinions and criticisms. Writing for has made me a better writer and essayist. My first article seemed to attract the most disagreements and criticisms. It was interesting to see that my articles on collecting generated more discussion than my articles on other topics. For example, it was gratifying to see my article on the new grading company CBCS generate so much discussion and debate–there were many interesting thoughts about the whole comic book grading industry spawned by CGC, and also much criticism directed towards CGC itself.

Now that I have more time to myself, I am going to use it to focus on my work and study commitments.  The studying will help me complete my transition into the Information Technology sector. As I am embarking on more professional work in the I.T. field, I can see myself starting up a website or a smartphone app devoted to comics. There are a number of comic book price guide apps and websites out there already but I would love to create a price guide app that is completely different from what we’ve seen so far. I’m open to your suggestions about what a good comic book price guide app would look like. While I won’t be writing articles on this website, you can still follow me or contact me via my Twitter page.

Finally, there will be 7 superhero movies coming out in 2016! Also, a plethora of new tv shows will be coming out next year, including Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I hope you are all buzzing with excitement and anticipation for these new shows and movies. No matter what you’re doing in the future, keep on reading those comics. Most of them are a joy to read, regardless if they are new issues or back issues.

Peter Chin
Peter Chin
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8 years ago

Be well, and thank you for your thoughts. I always enjoyed your posts!

ArcRun - Mike Huddleston

I will miss your posts as well Peter. It sounds like you have a lot on the go. Good Luck!

Ivan Kocmarek
8 years ago

Thanks for your posts, Peter. They were always informed, interesting, well-researched, and fun to read. Also thanks for your comments on my column as well, they always contributed to my posts. Good luck in moving on to other interesting things and forward in life itself.

Charlie Kim
8 years ago

Say it isn’t so my friend… Hope you’ll still pop in once in a while and set us straight. Good luck with your work and study. Here’s a little something from Toronto as you set off into the sunset ^_^