The Avengers (So far…)

Marvel’s week-long series of Avengers reveals wraps with today’s promotional image featuring Thor declaring his status as a member of Earth’s Mightiest superteam. The God of Thunder will be joining his co-founder Iron Man on the team, with longtime Avengers mainstay Hawkeye and newer returning members Spider-Woman and Bucky-Cap rounding out the week’s announced membership roster.

There’s really no big suprises – outside of maybe Bucky-Cap  (if only because most people expected Steve to complete the holy trinity of Iron Man, Thor and Cap.. but, seeing as how I’m not quite ready to see Bucky go. Because I’m pretty sure he’s going to die if he’s not Captain America.)

“Avengers” #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr., is expected to ship in May.

Comic Book Daily Staff
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