Return of Bruce Wayne: 2nd Look At The Covers

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I can’t believe I didn’t notice this.. and trust me when I say I stared at them for HOURS! Comics Alliance is awesome!

Andy Kubert has been firing on all cylinders for a very long time; it’s a shame that he never got into the rhythm on Morrison’s initial Batman run, as I’d have loved to have seen him stay with the series*.

I figured that there would be some interlocking aspect to the Return of Bruce Wayne covers, but for some reason I must have given up when I didn’t see any obvious overlapping – a foot there, fire here, etc.

But it’s the subliminal Bat insignia motif highlighted in the background. It’s a really nice touch on the part of Kubert, who carries Wayne through multiple time periods with style in his respective caveman, pilgrim, pirate, cowboy, noir detective and superhero Batsuits.

I’ve been looking forward to this series for a very long time now, I initially called it to my fellow friends, stating that we’d see Bruce Wayne battling his way across time – making all those elseworlds titles in some form of continuity – and in turn giving DC another reason to reprint some of them. (Seriously, DC where’s my Justice Riders tpb? It’s JH Williams III on art’s like printing money!)

While I still hold out hope that Quitely will be illustrating one of the issues, I’m really impressed with the line up so far. I love Chris Sprouse’s artwork and the idea of him giving us a Conan/Tor style Bruce Wayne epic has me with jitters.

Frazier Irving can sleepwalk his way through a Solomon Kane style-Bat-story, so I know it will be good. But I’d rather see him tackle the noir detective issue… unless they get Jock to illustrate it… then I’d be cool.

Wow. I am fanboying out today! Walt get some control over your kid over here!

*He’d have been a brilliant choice to illustrate R.I.P.

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