This Week In Panels: Feb. 12th

Things that I Enjoyed in My Comics This week includes spoilers, and plenty of them. So consider this your warning. You’ve been warned, so don’t read it unless you’re willing to be spoiled. Got it?

Someone give Dan Slott a no-prize!

Dan Slott explains away all that Kevin Smith Daredevil nonsense and wins a no-prize while doing it. I’m not exactly a HUGE fan of Smith’s Daredevil run, but Slott doesn’t necessarily toss it out of continuity, just sort of.. sweeps it under the rug? I don’t know.. I just loved the issue.. as you’ll no doubt notice…

I would have also accepted SCRASH!

Because it really doesn’t hurt when Marcos Martin is drawing some of the best art of his career. His panel layouts are among the most brilliant and visually interesting this side of Frank Quitely.. saying that though: who incorporates soundeffects into artwork better? Quitely or Martin?

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OK, just one more.. I don’t want to post a full page all the time but this is again just a perfect moment. Dan Slott, Javier Pulido and Marcos Martin are so in-tune on what makes a great Spider-Man comic that you’d think they are all one person. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had this much fun reading a Spidey comic.

Oh comic books...

Because, well let’s be honest: Freeze Breathe > Black Ring That Makes You DEAD AND SUPER-POWERFUL.

Cameron Stewart ...I never knew...

Because Batman Kicking a Darkseid-Science-Based Insane Clone of Bruce Wayne is pretty much the reason why I read comics. (I should mention that he then puts on Electric Knuckles to continue the fight.) I should also add that Cameron Stewart is a total revelation here. I’ve been a fan since I discovered him on Catwoman and followed his career ever since (we here at CBD love, love, love Apocalipstiks written by Ray Fawkes and drawn by Stewart)  but his art is totally different, evolving. I see a lot of Kyle Baker in his work now.. what do you think? Am I off?

more from Batman and Robin #7
is someone regretting their career choice?

And finally… Kate Kane is one of the best new characters to come along in what feels like forever*, and while Morrison hasn’t exactly nailed her dialogue, he’s shown her as being so uber-competent when dealing with a group of Darkseid worshiping Mary Poppins Chimney Sweeps who are planning to bring the greatest evil into this world, that you tend to overlook it.

The fact is this: if you’re reading ‘tec right now, you love Batwoman. You want her to succeed even in spite of the fact that she could easily become not only a mary-sue character – but a poorly concieved attempt at being PC and shocking…

*maybe since… Renee Montoya?

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