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Week 2: Wood's Doom

Grading comics allowed for the large and vibrant vintage comic market to expand exponentially. Gone was the worry of missing pages, of undetected restoration, of missed cropping and of buying over graded books. All this had come at a cost…

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Covered 365: Day 143

Adventure Comics #143, DC Comics, August 1949 – Artist: John Sikela. I’m not even sure why this cover works so well but it really draws me in. I’m not familiar with John Sikela as an artist but this cover has…

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Undervalued Spotlight #403

Adventure Comics #93, DC Comics, August/September 1944. I love browsing through some of the bigger auctions. I always start by having a peek at the Golden Age offerings, there’s so much great Golden Age out there! It was a recent ComicLink…

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