How Important is Adventure Comics #4?

While the solicitations indicate it’s all about the return of Superboy Prime to the DC Universe, Adventure Comics #4 (written by Geoff Johns and drawn by CBD Favourite Francis Manapul.) is according to comic-doms very own Perez Hilton* Rich Johnson has found at that for all your Blackest Night fans Adventure Comics #4 might be as important as Superman Beyond was to Final Crisis.

Jerry Ordway's cover to Adventure Comics #4
Jerry Ordway's cover to Adventure Comics #4

Taking information gleaned from the [INSERT COLOUR] Ring deal that DC has right now with specific titles (Buy 25 copies of Booster Gold, R.E.B.E.L.S & Doom Patrol and get a big bag of multi-coloured rings.) it seems that this little deal is actually doubled when it comes to Adv. Comics #4. Why so?

DC reps have told certain stores that the publisher believes that retailers will need to have many more copies of this comic on hand for when it ships, and some of them are referring to it as Blackest Night 5 1/2.

I’ll try to get some hints out of Francis Manapul if I can catch him at Fan Expo this weekend

And as a sidenote: I know it feels like Superboy/man-Prime hasn’t really been gone that long for it to really make an impact – but keep in mind Legion of 3 Worlds #5 was supposed to be out a year ago. And really – who doesn’t like seeing an overground kid rip people in half while spouting horrible one-liners! He’s sort of like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Running Man. Well, maybe not really, but y’know..

*and like Perez Hilton, I visit Bleeding Cool probably four/five times a day.

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