Batman Garter Belt

So, many of the team at CBD love Batman. And many of the team are married. But did any of the CBD team have a Batman Gun that shoots garter belts for their wedding reception? No. No they did not.

Yeah, this is on eBay now. Check it out here.  Here is the description:

This is a one of a kind, custom made garter gun, done to look like Batman’s grapple gun from the animated series. I made this for my wedding but sadly was not able to use it to do the garter toss. Now you have the chance to use it on your special day if you love Batman like I do. (FYI my wife was totally for it, it just didn’t make it to the reception) The gun is based off a bike tube inflater that uses CO2 cartridges (threaded or not). It fits a standard size garter and shoots it about as far as you can flick it on a full charge. It’s made from an aluminum project box, pvc tubing, bike valve and some sheet metal. Looks cool, sounds cool, feels solid. Could be youtube worthy if you actually use it in your wedding!

Fanboy, I salute you.

Anthony Falcone
Anthony Falcone

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  1. This is just awesome.

    Right now there’s a question on the post where someone asks “what does it shoot? a little grappling hook thing? whats the point of it? Can i shoot it at a tree and climb up?”

    The guy asking that question must be a hardcore Batman fan.

    This posting made me think how much comic culture stuff actually makes it into weddings?

    I have heard of people wearing Superman cufflinks with their tux or having action figures on their cake. But besides getting married in full costume, what else could you put in a wedding.

    This Bat-Garter gun is a really cool idea. I think it would be fun to pull it out of your tux to shoot the garter at the crown.

  2. I wish…

    I wanted to put General Hawk and Scarlett on the cake for a topper…. DENIED

    I wanted to get our wedding rings enscribed in elfish…. DENIED

    I wanted a camoflage theme…. DENIED

    In the end I went along with the flow of the planning of the wedding. The only things that went my way were no speeches (except mine) and we had a pig roast. 😀

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