C.B. Daily 25 May 2011

Points of interest from the comics interweb.

Blake Bell announces Mysterious Traveler: Steve Ditko Archives Volume 3

Bell announces his latest book, the third in a series of Ditko reprints.  I find his writing concise and captivating having last read Fire & Water.

Mysterious Traveler: The Steve Ditko Archives v3 features over 210 full-color pages of Ditko in his early prime. What makes this volume of The Steve Ditko Archives so noteworthy, and what makes Steve Ditko a giant in the industry, is that he was producing his best work to date, and of his career, at a time when few would have been paying attention.

Gene Fama on comic colouring

This is a great look at colouring in general and a nice perspective on comics colouring.

Today’s colorists are trigger-happy with their airbrush, lens flare, and transparency effects. Twenty years ago a painted comic like Richard Corben´s Den was a fascinating oddity. Today computers have made it easy for every comic to be “painted.” Unfortunately, nobody bothered to notice that painted comics are — with very rare exception — awful.

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