Emanata App brings indie creators to digital storefront

Emanata hopes to capture independent comic book creators and fans alike with its new App.

A new comic book App for the iPad brings independent digital comics to the forefront, affording fans the chance to find new creators and follow them and their work with ease.

Emanata, the San Francisco-based company behind the App, has designed the comic reader in hopes of encouraging comic book fans to sample the work of independent comic creators. The App has a built-in news feed feature which makes it easier for fans to follow their favourite comics, while also offering a constant stream of original content from independent writers and artists.

“Tablet devices are the natural platform to showcase great art and storytelling,” said Emanata CEO George Chen in a press release. “We want to provide a dedicated place where independent artists can find new audiences, and for the connoisseur of comic books to discover something unexpected and edgy.”

A built-in feature allows users to easily keep track of updates from comic creators.

The App is one of the first readers designed entirely to promote, showcase and support independent comic books, giving creators a dedicated platform to aid them in getting their work into circulation.

As an additional feature, Emanata’s App includes in-App social tools that will allow users to share the comics they love with other users using email, social media and across Web applications.

Furthering their wish to promote independent creations, creators on Emanata will retain complete control of their work and may offer their content as a free download or may sell their comics in their entirety or in chapters.

Emanata hopes to make it easier to follow the comic book creators you enjoy.

The App is available in iTunes Oct. 11, 2012 and currently counts independent comic names such as Malachi Ward and Erin Mehlos among those whose work is featured in the App.

Andrew Ardizzi
Andrew Ardizzi

Andrew Ardizzi is an honours graduate of journalism from Humber College, and is currently working out of Toronto as a freelance writer and editor. He's also the Senior Editor at Crystal Fractal Comics. You can find him at his blog, or follow him on Twitter.

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Danny Champion
11 years ago

this is f*****g cool.