Everybody's Twittering: Paul Levitz edition

twitterFresh from this morning’s announcement the twitterverse is going loco.

Here’s some highlights:

(As always stay tuned as we’ll be updated this as more and more 140 character thoughts pop-up.)

andydiggle: Jeff Robinov pulls a lever, and Paul Levitz’ chair drops through the floor.

jasonaaron: A few weeks ago, I wrote for Marvel and DC Comics. Now I write for Disney and DC Entertainment. My head is spinning.

CBCebulski: My life just took a turn for the busy.

PaulTobin: Big news from Marvel and DC today, but it pales in comparison to how much I like pancakes. Which is a lot. Story developing.

warrenellis: FAQ: no, DC restructure isn’t a reaction to Marvel/Disney. Both had been in the pipe for months, unbeknownst to each other.

JHickman: I grew up a huge Legion fan and am therefore a huge Levitz fan, but I wonder if I would want to read his Legion if he went back to it?

JHickman: Wait, adventure comics is going to be about the Legion? Why not call it the Legion? Is that right… I should read the press release.

BeaucoupKevin: Also, “DC Entertainment” eliminates the godawful redundancy that was 60+ years of “Detective Comics Comics”

theblairbutler: Nice early analysis of the DC news by @laura_hudson. RT “it will great for their movies and irrelevant for comics” http://bit.ly/30SsHz

BRIANMBENDIS: hey, what’s goin on?

philipsytan: As far as I’m concerned, Paul Levitz on creative stuff is good news! 🙂

cullenbunn: How much crazy information does the world think I can absorb in one day?

BRIANMBENDIS: excited for the possibilities of all the new that has come out of the comic book biz news of late. hoping all my pals find fortune and glory

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