Fan Expo 2010 Day 2 | A Smattering of Pictures

It’s a safe to say that Toronto’s 2010 Fan Expo is going to be remembered. Whether it’s for the right reasons that’s something that’s going to depend on the person. Most time in the line ups (that stretches down Front Street West and wraps around Lower Simcoe.) have ranged from two to three hours, with organizers actually having to cap the line at the fire marshall’s request. Those who had made it inside spent a large chunk of time crowded around the escalators waiting for their chance to slip in.

Though – once you’re inside it’s a pretty good show. No one is being overtly aggressive and we haven’t really had any ‘knife to the eye’ type situations that have become he vogue at these old comic book conventions. Nope, it’s a pretty big show filled with celebrities, all star comic book artists, hungry up and comers and seasoned pros.

I’ve forsaken trying to get any interviews and instead attended panels and talking to some of the local colour.

Luckily my photographer (who – unlike me – didn’t see getting stuck downstairs as a bad thing) spent most of her time photographing all the great cosplayers, which I’ll present below for your viewing pleasure.

Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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