Fan Expo: THURS

Whooo! Day one has come and gone and we have learned one fact: Thursday is the new Friday. A solid day, good size crowds but you still can easily look through the stalls and chat with the exhibitors. But does this mean that Friday will be the Saturday and Saturday will become some new mega-day? Stay tuned true believer.

I am pretty tired as I write this so you may see a more stream of consciousness style than my normal cogent masterpieces.

For everyone coming down to the con I would suggest taking public transit of some kind. Parking is pretty brutal around the south building and more than one person told me that they had to eat up 30-45 minutes looking for a spot.

The king of the free giveaways is DC: they have a bunch of comic books that are free for all who come by their booth. The line can be pretty long so you may want to make this your first stop.

The south building is much larger than the north building so hopefully overcrowding isn’t an issue but you will need to walk through the labyrinthine ¬†corridors of the MTCC, so be ready for that.

Warner Brothers has a demo of Batman Arkham City set up: it is several kinds of awesome. Check it out.

Finally, I will say that all the fans I talked to were having a great time and were pretty excited about the con; however there was no stand out show stopper from day one. Can’t wait to see what day 2 brings.

Anthony Falcone
Anthony Falcone

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