Happy Birthday Geoff Johns!

Today is Geoff “DC’s Bendis (minus all the dialogue tics, but with more reverence for continuity)” Johns Birthday.

It’s been a pretty great year for Mr. Johns, considered by many to be the best Superhero writer in Comicbooks, his titles are consistently the top selling books whenever they’re published. He’s responsible for the direction of DC Comics for the last few years and stands toe to toe with Grant Morrison as DC’s superstar visionary.

Geoff Johns Rings

You know what I want to see from Geoff Johns this year?

Original work.

As much as we all adore his super hero stuff, I’d love to see him tackle something without any history whatsoever, something that he’s come up with through pure imagination and not mined from countless other writers. The man is damned talented and I’d be saddened if he’s only remembered by old comic fans denouncing the new direction of Green Lantern in twenty years.

Comic Book Daily Staff
Comic Book Daily Staff

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