Joe Quesada is no longer the Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics, instead we now have Axel Alonso who will take over while Quesada focuses on his duties as Chief Creative Officer with an emphasis on the media division. Is this a good thing? Of late, Quesada has taken a drubbing from comic fans over what was perceived to be his strong mandate for the events of One More Day in Amazing Spider-Man which broke up Parker’s longstanding marriage to Mary Jane.  But despite whatever problems one may have with him recently, we can’t deny the fact that he was an instrumental figure in putting Marvel back on track in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with projects like the Marvel Knights  and MAX lines as well as the Ultimate Universe. But personally? I’m gonna mainly remember his tenure as EiC for: One More Day and the mess that was Brand New Day and for drawing what looked like Captain America taking a dump as a Reborn variant cover.  As for his new role as Chief Creative Officer…I honestly had no clue what that entails specifically, but according to Quesada himself

It’s actually not much different from being the [Editor-in-Chief], except it’s a lot more stuff, and [that is] one of the reasons I eventually had to give away the chair of the E-i-C. Every day is really different, which is really fantastic for me because I get bored very quickly. This morning I woke up, I worked on a couple of “Ultimate Spider-Man” scripts, making notes for those, making plans for my trip to [Los Angeles] in two weeks where I’ll be watching a screening of “Thor” and dealing with some other “Avengers” movie-related things. Every day is a completely different day and there’s different stuff that comes by my desk. I can’t even tell you what Wednesday or Thursday is going to be like. It’s literally a matter of who e-mails me first and that’s what I’ve got to get to next.But I’m involved in all creative aspects of Marvel. How that differs from being E-i-C is a subtle change, but a big change; [as] E-i-C I used to have to worry about CAPTAIN AMERICA coming across my desk today, then tomorrow it will be IRON MAN, then the next day it will be DEADPOOL, oh and we’ve got a big event coming up—we’ve got three big events coming up—and talent’s visiting tomorrow; so every day was different in that respect as well. Today now as CCO, I can only handle so much of the publishing stuff. I’m spread too thin so I had to relinquish some of the responsibilities there. I’ll still be involved in publishing to some extent; probably to the same extent I’m involved in animation, television and movies.

So it looks like he’s still going to be having a heavy hand in crafting stories.

I don’t really know much about Alonso so I can’t really form too strong of an opinion on him as many times you don’t really spot an editor’s hand in a comic book. Unless it’s something that is a big deal and happens to be aired in public like the OMD thing. I do know that he did play a role in the revival of the Rawhide Kid as the part of the MAX imprint and based solely off of the peripheral attachment to an entertaining read I’m willing to give him a shot. Here’s hoping that in 2011, Axel Alonso will make Marvel better than it ever was.

Let us know what you think of Quesada’s decision to step down as Editor in Chief!