Marvel/Disney – Everyone’s Twittering

twitterFresh from this morning’s announcement the twitterverse is going loco.

Here’s some highlights:

Gail Simone: I have dealt with Disney several times in the last couple years. I think this will probably be a good thing for Marvel and comics.

Joe Quesada: If you’re familiar with the Disney/Pixar relationship, then you’ll understand why this is a new dawn for Marvel and the comics industry.

Jason Aaron: This has all been part of my elaborate scheme to secure lifetime free passes to Disney World for the family and me. Win!

Warren Ellis: so I got this phone call from Joe Quesada and it was just the sound of him rubbing himself with money and now I am confused.

Kevin Smith: ’nuff spent! Marvel, like their Distinguised Competition, is now owned by a corporate juggernaut.

Rachelle Goguen: Disney DVDs to now feature seven variant covers

Skottie Young: Just got a call from Marvel, things are good and getting even better. Stop worrying, go create and let’s make some comics! .

Steve Wacker: Deadpool is now called Alivepool.

Steve Wacker: Not sure why but I have four fingers.

Ivan Brandon: “my main concern is that my checks still have spider-man on them.” That was my first question this morning. They will. 🙂

Dan Slott: Squirrel Girl on Toon Disney. Hey, it could happen. 🙂 That’s my one-and-only comment. Back to work…

Jonathan Hickman: I just wrote the Secret of Nimh into the FF. Wait, Disney doesn’t own that?

Chris Sims: So hey, if anyone wants someone to write that Spider-Man/High School Musical crossover

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