New York Comic-Con: Just the facts

There’s so much coverage going on at NYCC that your eyes are gonna bleed trying to keep up with it. So screw that, let the CBD crew bleed their eyes for you as we scour the web and boil it all down for you.

DC’s going to back down from the 3.99 price point and go back to a 2.99 one stating that backup features weren’t justifying it. Take a hint from them, Marvel!

Jeff Lemire will be taking on an ongoing Atom series after the success of the Atom one-shot he did. Let’s hope his Superboy series passes muster.

Jim Lee and Frank Miller’s Dark Knight: Boy Wonder; the sequel to All-Star Batman and Robin will launch in February of 2011. Should we get our hopes up for this? What’s going to keep this series from being plagued by countless delays or a cancellation disguised as a “Volume stop”? As remember, we’re still missing a compilation in trades that includes issue #10.

No more Ralph and Sue for sure, which is disappointing as despite the whole Black Lantern stuff happening, I still want them to do something with their ghosts. Come on, the Ralph and Sue Dibny Ghost Detective Agency!

No Nextwave stuff on the horizon as both creators are busy with other stuff.

Bendis is working on another creator owened series with Powers artist Michael Oeming called Takio; an all ages title about sisters that are superheroes.

Richie Rich is coming back! He’s being updated by Ape Entertainment into a modern jetsetter who travels the world using his wealth to do good. Yeah I don’t think Richie Rich is gonna work out…He belongs to a more nostalgic era. It’s difficult to imagine the current crop of kids even wanting to read an updated Richie Rich, especially if they do a revamp of his look.

Looks like Strawberry Shortcake is coming back courtesy of Ape Entertainment. Do younger audiences actually know who Strawberry Shortcake is? Anyways, the comics will hit in early 2011 with Scratch and sniff covers which sounds pretty hilarious. Can you imagine people going into their stores sniffing the comic covers off the shelves? Or what about collectors who get their books encapsulated by CGC? Will the amount of scratch and sniff affect their condition? Madness I tell you!

Starman fans rejoice sort of! James Robinson has announced a 12 part Shade mini-series.It’s not exactly the return of Jack Knight who seems to still be in superhero retirement, but it’s still Robinson returning back to his best writing roots.

The new Green Lantern cartoon will feature Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns in the first season.

If you weren’t going to see the newest Harry Potter movie before, you’re probably gonna want to see it now, as the Green Lantern movie trailer will be attached to it for sure.

Marvel has acquired the CrossGen properties and will be releasing their titles in 2011. However, they haven’t listed exactly what they are going to be releasing yet aside from a few indistinguishable teaser images. The only property that really deserves another shot is Sojourn by Ron Marz and Greg Land before he became known as a tracer extraordinaire and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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