As a lover of punching and a lover of history (so that I’ll never repeat past mistakes) and a lover of fine art, it has long been a goal of mine to find a way to combine these three loves into something beautiful.

That’s when I decided to get comic artists to draw pictures of myself punching famous historical figures.


Well this weekend at the Toronto Comic-Con I had the opportunity to start my collection with one of my favourite artists (and all around swell guy) Leonard Kirk (artist of the best superhero comic of the last two years the late Captain Britain and the MI13).

I let him choose the historical figure – he did not dissapoint. Take a look:

That’s right fans of Canadian history and/or owners of a ten dollar bill – that is I punching out Sir. John A Macdonald – loveable drunk, godfather of the confederation of Canada and perhaps my second favourite Prime Minister of All Time.

Special thanks to Leonard Kirk for making me seem pretty buff, and drawing an absolutely beautiful picture that will hang above my fireplace to be adored by my drinking buddies and I.

Up Next? Myself choking out Ghandi whilst force feeding him an Eclair. Using Static electricity to delivery a haymaker to Tesla and maybe, just maybe upper cutting a la street fighter turbo William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Pete DeCourcy is EiC of He tumbls over at You Practically Rock and writes for The Simple Art of Crime. If you have any questions or demands of him, he can be reached via email at pdecourcy[at]comicbookdaily[dot]com