Rhys Ifans is the Lizard in Spider-Man reboot

In the upcoming Spider-Man reboot which will be in 3D, The Wrap reports that Rhys Ifans is set to play Dr. Curt Connors; the human side of the Lizard. Rhys Ifans is a Welsh musician, and is also set to play Xenophilius Lovegood, Luna’s father in the latest Harry Potter flick. The Lizard is a pretty interesting choice of villain for the reboot. He’s pretty much an unknown villain compared to the likes  of Green Goblin and Venom. To be honest, I was hoping that they would go with the Green Goblin again but do him right. None of this metal mask stuff where the actor has no facial expressions. But they were probably wanting to have a fresh start with none of the baggage of the first series. A quick refresher; Curt Connors is a scientist who has lost an arm and discovers a serum while trying to regrow it based on lizard physiology that causes him to turn into an angry lizard bent on lizard world domination. When he’s not trying to kill Spider-Man, Kurt helps out Spidey whenever he can. As for film characters, I’m curious as to how they are going to portray the Lizard; the primal on all fours kind of beast, or the bipedal lizard in a lab coat as he first appeared. Both of them are undoubtedly gonna be CG, but will Rhys wear some kind of motion capture suit or just voice a CG Lizard? Or maybe he won’t even be voicing the Lizard and just be responsible for Connors.

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