Sneak Peek: James Robinson and Mark Bagley's First Issue of JLA

DC’s The Source has posted a few pages from the first issue of James Robinson (Starman and JLA: Cry for Justice) and Mark Bagley (Trinity, Ultimate Spider-Man) run on Justice League. While this doesn’t necessarily look like it’s going to introduce the whole ‘trinity 2.0*’ more like wrap up a few storylines from the past. I hope this does well, but as someone who really enjoys a well written epic JLA I really hope that they’ll be able to stay away from the pitfalls that plagued Dwayne McDuffie’s run (and let’s be honest – McDuffie is a great writer who really should have been able to bring us an amazing era of Justice League stories)

Here’s a few pages: I enjoy any Plastic Man appearance so this makes me happy. (But after this week’s Wednesday Comics issue I’d love to see Kyle Baker give us a few JLA issues.)

What’s with Despero’s dorsal fin?


*Their words…. not mine. I think the term is pretty lame.. like putting 2000 next to a store name.

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