Grant Morrison

52 weeks. 52 different writers. 2 trade paperbacks or hardcovers a week. Each week I’ll take a look at a different writer and read two different collected editions from within that person’s repertoire to help in the examination of their work. Grant Morrison is in the spotlight this week, with a look at his work with DC’s Man Of Steel.
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How Much For Everything?

But isn't that implicitly what Marvel and DC state by having a shared universe for their stories? If all their stories are great and if they all have the same heroes who live in the same world then wouldn't I want to buy every book they produce? I decided to get out the Previews Guide and a calculator to answer this rhetorical question. I used the January 2014 Previews as a proxy for the entire year on the assumption that some months will have fewer books and some months will have more but overall it will probably average out. I didn't include books not in the shared universe and I didn't include collected editions.
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DC Reboot

Like you didn’t see this coming a mile a way. I’m writing this on Tuesday.  The day of the big DC announcement that they are rebooting the DC universe. 52 titles starting with a new Justice League #1 on August…

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