Cool stuff in my stash

My collection is quite minimal and modest compared to most… to be honest.

But I do own a few little gems that are definitely cool and I wanted to share the highlights here and encourage you to do the same, if you so wish.

I’ve jealously spied previously that some of the regular CBD ‘cronies’ have built actual libraries in their homes and entire basements literally filled-to-bursting with goodies.  I on the other hand have a simple and small space in a secret corner of my feeble flat… and that’s where I live.   Like a little hording troll.  It’s built around my ‘studio’ (basically just a drawing board on a desk) and when I’m feeling the need for an injection of inspiration, I reach over and grab something cool at random.  Lucky dip.

Along the way I’ve scored a couple of autographs on some  books — mainly from the UK based creators — but, I’d really like to start building a collection of sketches.  So If anyone has any up-to-date insights on how and where to get started with that, It would be much appreciated.

I’m a story  guy, so the act of collecting and storing and organizing and preserving and flipping and grading is secondary to me.  I buy into the art and the story and the creation side so, I love the large format books, how-to books and anything that has any secret sketch stuff broken down into inks and pencils only.  I’m sure these items may seem arbitrary to most of you, but I love them dearly and will keep them forever in any case.

Jim Lee ICONS:
I think all comics people have at least flicked through this book at some point.  It’s a regular fixture at the local shop and it’s well worth a look.  Crazy beautiful.


Gill Elvgren – The complete pin-ups:
Again, I’m sure you’ve all seen this book.  Elvgren’s classic, pouty, 60’s poster girls are brimming with character.  The artwork is beautiful and impressive and cool.


Signed Batman – Scott Snyder:


Lantern and Flash – Faster Friends #1:
The book Hurley’s reading on flight 815 in LOST.


Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics:
A genius book that should be read by anyone whom is trying to make a story.


TURF – Hardcover signed by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards:


The JLA’s:
I picked most of these up for just 2 or 3 quid each, at various nerd gatherings in the UK over the past few years.  Some of them are in properly good condition too,  Very cool.


What’s in your nerd cave?

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

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  1. Yep. Some cool stuff. Hello Danny, I’m back. Downloaded Firefox and now I can actually pull up CBD with ease. Couldn’t even comment before.

  2. Just plain Microsoft Explorer. The coolest thing in my stash. a lot really. Very fine copies of Green Hornet No. 1 (Golden Age), Batman Annual No. 1, Batman No. 100. Fantastic Four 19-51 (ranging Fine and up). I never allow anything less than Fine in my collection unless it is very rare. Of course I have a VF copy of Incredible Hulk 181, Giant Size X-Men No. 1, entire VF run of X-Men 94 -142. I have a collection of 1,404 comics right now. If I sold them for graded book value, I estimate they would be worth about $132,000.

  3. Of course I have some just for fun too. Not worth much, but I love them. I’ve got every Green Hornet book since the Four Color version in the 1950s. All of them. Gold Key, Dynamite, Now comics. I collect horror and have almost and entire run of Tomb of Dracula. Vampirella, Creepy, Eerie….But Batman is my favorite. I have almost and entire F+ run from Batman 136 to 260. Lot of 80 page giants too. I’d hate to sell them.

  4. Goodness me, a proper collection.

    I think a lot of the guys and girls whom read and socialise on this site have got similarly impressive collections too.

    I only have about 300 comics and none of them are worth very much at all, but that’s ok… I’m more into the art and story side of things as above.

    Are any of your books on display in your home? It seems a shame to have something so cool and hide it away in the basement.

    Which one book do you save in a fire? (obviously knocking on wood and not wishing any actual fires on anyone). 🙂

  5. Hey Tom, that’s a nice Batman run, right in the pocket, when a lot of good stuff was happening, lots of key books in that time span! My fave from that era is the #181 Poison Ivy.

  6. Actually, they are bagged and boarded in mylites and under a bed in the spare bedroom…8 long boxes. If there was ever a fire, I guess I would grab the Batman boxes first. I also have a lot that I just love to read and enjoy the art like Alex Ross, stuff, Steranko, Frazetta. Have a lot of Gold Key Star Trek, Tarzan, Lost In Space. Stuff I love and, someday, MAY be worth something. If not, I’ve enjoyed them.

  7. I’m 55..believe it or not. A journalist. I just love the story and art of the classics, or what I consider classics like your stuff above. I’ve never paid more than $230 for a book, but I’ve had many of them for 30+ years. A few for 40+.

  8. That’s amazing, Tom.  I love how you can enjoy your books, but you could also give them to a kid to read and enjoy too… (Most of them anyway) though, I’m sure you’d never let anyone else actually handle the ‘money books’ 🙂 

    It’s just cool how these books appeal to all ages — for one reason or another —  it seams, once you love comics… you always love comics. Right?

  9. All day long I read, write and deal with serious issues. Politics, crime, death, horrific events and issues of importance you see on CNN and other news. When I get home, The last thing I want to read is anything “serious.” I love to relax and take in something imaginative, Comics do that for me….and they put me to sleep at night.

  10. Hello Walter, I’ve picked up most of my classics over the years as they came out or bought them from a store in Hopkinsville, Ky. I have also picked up books in Nashville, Bowling Green and as far away as St. Louis. There are no good conventions in this area, but I’ve been to a few in Nashville. I’ve found some great bargains at flea markets in Clarksville, Tenn. outside the Fort Campbell Army post.

  11. That’s a nice part of the USA Tom, I once worked in Nashville for a week back in the mid 90s.

    It’s odd that there are no good local cons down there because these are old established towns that I’m sure have their fair share of collections sitting forgotten in basements and attics.

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