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IDW Submission by request

Recently I attended 1 of the 3 major annual Comic Cons in London. At the event I met Chris Ryall, the Chief Creative Officer/Editor-In-Chief at IDW. I showed him my portfolio and he liked it very much. He then gave me his card and asked me to email him! He wanted to give me a ‘test assignment’ to see what kind of pencils I could produce.
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Upon re-reading my promptly-posted proceeding posts, which I put together for your personal pleasure.  It’s obvious that I am still an amateur writer.  Sure. While my own pursuit of legitimacy rages on in the distance, the delivery of fully fathomable…

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Character Design

In the days and weeks and months and years and decades that we’ve all been fascinated and consumed by art and story in comic books, I’d like to wager my hard-earned pounds that, during your  time as a fan… you’ve probably attempted to create your…

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The London ComicCon

Sadly, It looks as though the Kapow!  convention organisers’ could’ve made a big mistake by skipping 2013. The London McMcomicCon has hustled its way into Kapow!’s  vacant hot-spot at the end of May, 24th through 26th and it’ll be held at the Excel Center in the…

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In the interests of learning how exactly to sell my amateur artwork, I’d like to take an opportunity to — quite shamelessly — plug my latest project here and would encourage any feedback from anyone whom is kind enough to…

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Comics are sh*t.

Easily the coolest storyteller in the history of cool storytellers’: Quentin Tarantino  is a formidable force in the wonderful world of favourable fiction. His fans love him almost unconditionally and why shouldn’t they?  His work often has funny, cool, smart…

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UK Cons 2013

Don’t worry, It’s nearly the end of January and I’m told “there will always be a Spring”. If we take that literally, the sky will soon be blue again, trees will once again have actual leaves on them and nerds…

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