Upon re-reading my promptly-posted proceeding posts, which I put together for your personal pleasure.  It’s obvious that I am still an amateur writer.  Sure.

While my own pursuit of legitimacy rages on in the distance, the delivery of fully fathomable wording is knowingly required and I wholeheartedly assure you that I AM still striving for a pleasing and palatable posting persona.

Simple storytelling, fact and fiction.

The end-goal is to eventually produce an original story.  One which I can obviously illustrate and showcase as a valid piece of original art.

I shall arrive in that place soon enough:  the place where my own writing and drawing are equally ‘professional’ and accepted in the world as something that happens.

The chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals in the meantime however, would surely increase the value of the entire creative process for everyone?

I recently learned about a project called ComiXwriter.  Full press release here.

Imagine a writer is working in a live environment, where the content is flaunted online for both fans and creators to discover.

For the entire time a creator is working, the project is flagged as a ‘work-in-progress’ to anyone whom happens to stumble upon it.

A brief outline of the story-idea and progress could be indicated in the status.

It could simply be a basic premise. Three lines.

This whole thing could be something that happens prior to any KickStarter and by such a time, the project will already carry an obvious momentum.

If the project requires a penciller, Inker, colourist, etc, you could assign those required elements in the title… and such people could then approach the creators and offer their services.

Or vice-versa, artists could upload samples to their own profiles and the writers could do the searching.

The whole thing could operate like a massive, creative social network, where all the creation and collaboration happens inside this online system.

Talented strangers building stories together which fans could frantically follow all the way through… from brain to shelf.

Either way, this could be really exciting stuff.

So do keep an eye out for the up-coming ComiXwriter KickStarter to see what they’re planning and to get behind it!

Could be amazing.

Danny Champion
Danny Champion

Danny Champion is a freelance writer and artist. Follow CandyAppleFox on Twitter.

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Tom Berry
Tom Berry
10 years ago

Hey Danny, I just might check this out. I’ve really had some inspiration on my character work lately and I’ve really begun to come up with some good ideas; both art and writingwise. I’m not a great artist, I’m a better writer, but I’ll be selling the idea, not my terrible art. More later. I’m keeping the name of my character under wraps. I’ll send more detail later to your private address.